Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Expand and Explore – 1:2:1 Business Coaching Package

***Fully booked***  I am not taking any new clients until late September 2021 as I only work with a limited number at any one time – please contact me in the meantime for a discovery call if you are interested in 1:2:1 coaching with me

Are you ready for BIG change? Now is the time for you…

  • To grow your business in a way that serves you energetically and financially, as well as serving your students or community from your heart
  • To truly step into the shoes of the yoga teacher or holistic business owner you have always wanted to be
  • To get clear on your business (and life) goals – when you have a passion they are hard to separate!
  • To put great business systems into place for more efficient working and better productivity
  • To love the business that you are creating and the lifestyle you are leading


When mentoring and coaching, I speak to really great yoga teachers all the time who are struggling with getting enough students, setting prices, time-management, organisation, marketing, earning enough money, having enough energy (and the list could go on and on).

Or it may be that you are ready to make that next big shift in your yoga business such as leaving the “day job”, setting up a yoga studio, doubling your income, running retreats or developing on-line courses.

As a full time yoga teacher, I totally get you. Over the years I have “been there, done that”, and learnt both from my mistakes and my successes in what works to create an abundant yoga business. I can help you with the things that only someone who is “in it” can fully understand.

In addition to everything I have learnt as a yoga teacher, I many years of business coaching and mentoring along with the skills from my “previous life”, with 20+years of working in financial and tax management, and small business management, including management in a Yoga Studio. So I also have great experience in all of that painful but necessary stuff around tax, budgets, cash flow, business planning, self- assessment… and so on.

1:2:1 coaching is all about getting results in your business and life that you never dreamt were possible, quickly and effectively.

This is not for the faint-hearted and uncommitted – BUT if you totally want step up into change, and want it now, then this might be for you!

Are you ready to work with me to take that next step towards an abundant and fulfilling business?

Welcome to the Expand and Explore coaching program

The Expand and Explore programme is a powerful and transformative coaching journey with me by your side, designed to take you from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and expansion.


You’ll EXPLORE where you are right now and where you want to be. You’ll get really clear on your goals, and understand the steps you need to take to get there.

Then, you’ll work to EXPAND your mindset and your comfort zone, working through any of those sticking points and old beliefs that may have been holding you back. Then you’ll EXPAND your business through taking simple, yet powerful action steps in between our coaching calls.

I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

During the 6 months of us working together I will be there with you, holding you hand when you need support, asking the difficult questions you know you need to address, giving you the support and confidence to claim the path you truly want to follow, keeping you on track and accountable and helping you with the nitty-gritty practical stuff.

Our time together starts with a clarity questionnaire and then a 90 minute call to kick start your coaching package. Here we will set your big goals for our time working together.

Following this we will have coaching calls every 3 weeks to work through anything you need support on and to set action points to keep you moving forwards between our calls. There is also a weekly on-line check in to keep you on track and iron out any bumps in the road.

Over the duration of your coaching package you also have unlimited access to on-line advice from me to review things like copy for your website, feedback on prices or leaflets, and anything else that is a quick fire question or you want me to cast my eye over – no more feeling alone in your yoga business, you have your personal sounding board whenever you need it.

And the tools and techniques you will learn will serve your life and your yoga business way beyond the duration of the coaching package.

**New Coaching Package coming Sept 2021**

Don’t go it alone – let me help get you to where you want to be. Let’s EXPAND together.


Pay in full

Pay in installments


No problem – This could be a life-changing decision, but it’s important to invest in your business in the right way. So why don’t you book a complimentary discovery call with me? These calls will last 15 minutes and give you the chance to find out a little more about the coaching program, and about me and how I work, so you can see if we are a good match to work together. No fee, no commitment, no catch. Just email me at dawn@yogabusinessmentor.com and we can jump on a call together.


Sarah Little

I signed up for business coaching with Dawn around a year ago. I hadn’t even finished my Yoga TT and I was still in my full time job. Fast forward a year and not only am I teaching yoga full time, but I have also honed in my own unique branding and message. Dawn was absolutely incredible in guiding me to set up my own classes, attract clients, promote on social media and so much more. Her coaching package was incredibly good value for money; I was shocked with how many 1-1 sessions I received. And even now, Dawn is always there to answer any questions I may have and give me business advice. I would highly recommend her coaching to any yoga teacher or anyone working in the holistic health industry. – Sarah Little – (Self Love Sarah)

Di Lambert

Embarking on coaching sessions with Dawn was definitely one of the wisest decisions of my yoga career to date! If you’ve ever sat procrastinating over a business decision, worrying about how best to approach a teacher/student issue, suffered a confidence crisis, confused about marketing or needed sequencing advice this is perfect for you.

The conversations flowed as Dawn helped clarify, refresh and inspire often things I already knew or had forgotten or lacked impetus to just crack on! Just knowing that Dawn was on my shoulder as a mentor and confidante really bolstered my inner guru and lightened the load in a very pragmatic and sensitive way. I never felt rushed and always felt really heard which was the diamond for me.

Us teachers often feel we are working in isolation, giving out so much energy and often our job is misunderstood or underestimated. Dawn helped guide me to work through my own issues and find my own solutions. Always completely supportive even when I might do a compete U-turn!! Loved it and would recommend Dawn highly, her wisdom, calm and practical approach suited me perfectly. Take the opportunity if you can – you deserve it. – Di Lambert – (Yoga Patch)

Rosa Hannaford

Dawn’s business coaching has been the most wonderful catalyst for me to find both clarity and confidence in my work. When I first starting working with Dawn, I was really struggling with work/life balance as a busy mum and was also lacking vision and confidence around my work and what I wanted to offer. Dawn shared her vast knowledge of the field to support me with the practical elements of running a yoga business.

As well as the practical business side, Dawn has also supported me to find real clarity around my wider vision for my work, thinking about who I really want to work with, what brings me the most joy and really owning the values that I want my teaching to stand for. Dawn’s coaching has also helped me to spot and start to shift some of those unhealthy mindsets that can become real obstacles to me putting myself out there as a teacher and achieving my goals – things like ‘comparisonitis’ or never feeling that I am “enough” as a teacher.

She shares her knowledge and her own experience with compassion to guide you through those blockages and offer alternative ways of thinking that will really help you expand. Dawn’s coaching is the perfect balance of professional practical support for your business as well as empathic and heart led guidance that will help you grow as a teacher and as a yogi. I can’t recommend her coaching highly enough – thank you Dawn! – Rosa Hannaford – (Yoga Rosa)


When I embarked on a coaching package with Dawn I was aware that although I’d grown in teaching experience since completing my 200 Hours TT,  I hadn’t really got to grips with who I was as a teacher, who I was aiming to work with and how I wanted to shape my yoga business.

Working with Dawn is easy. She is super organised and efficient, holding a structure to the process whilst remaining flexible to fit around my diary and personal needs. The challenge for me was in taking what felt initially like very big leaps of faith with things like learning to let go of classes that were great when I started teaching them but no longer great because of the time and commitment required. A few months on, I have a revamped website with professional photos, a business Facebook page, a whole series of workshops delivered and a sold out retreat week. More importantly I have the confidence to plan ahead, let go of classes when it’s time to do so, and trust that the right students will find their way to me and stick with me. I have also more than recouped the cost of the coaching. I feel like I can now hold my head up as a professional yoga teacher. – Ros Castle – (Ros Castle Yoga)

Nicky Mumford

My coaching session with Dawn has been invaluable in helping me to have a clearer idea about where I should focus my time and energy with marketing, managing my ever growing to do list and developing my yoga classes. As a new teacher, and business owner, there is so much to get to grips with and I had been struggling to see the wood for the trees! Dawn has a wealth of experience and is a great motivator – I feel like she genuinely cares about everyone that she helps. Thank you Dawn! – Nicky Mumford – (Nicky Mumford Yoga)

Kelly Hopkinson

Prior to my coaching call via Skype I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed by everything to do with my potential yoga business – marketing, venues, social media, my own yoga training…the list was just going on and on. Because Dawn gave me a few things to think about before we spoke, I already felt like I had some direction which started to calm my overthinking mind.

During our call, Dawn put me at ease and asked questions that really made me think what it was that I wanted from my business. Verbalising my ideas and my vision made everything clearer and then we worked together to determine the steps to take next. We prioritised and shared different options, the whole time Dawn made me feel the one in control (which was new to me!). The most amazing thing happened immediately following the call – I completed the 2 things I had prioritised. Dawn gave me direction, control and purpose which felt amazing!

Thank you Dawn for guiding me to find my path, my yoga journey (even though it’s right at the beginning) feels more exciting than ever. Your knowledge, expertise and professional yet nurturing manner have been invaluable to me and I look forward to working with you again soon. Thank you! – Kelly Hopkinson – (Kelly Hopkinson Yoga)