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The Art of Touch – Assisting and Adjusting for Yoga Teachers

Saturday 12th November 2022 |10am – 5pm| Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire|

Cost: £80 (included lunch) *Book this with Teaching Flow/Vinyasa Yoga CDP day on Sun 13th November and receive £10 discount* 

This is a 1 day CPD day for Yoga Teachers and Teachers in Training.

This is for you if:

  • You have not been using hands on techniques over the last few years and now want the confidence to re-introduce it sensitively to your students
  • You want to have a safe space with support and feedback to practice these skills and grow your confidence
  • Perhaps you did online training or haven’t really had the opportunity to explore this teaching technique?
  • You want to expand the repertoire you already have with physical cues
  • You want to try out some more complex adjustments with peers not students
  • You would like to have a more in depth understanding of the emotional, physiological and professional considerations of using touch
  • You’d love to be back in a room having fun, chatting and learning with other yoga teachers!

Over this day we will explore the ethics and considerations of using touch, with best practice suggestions to use in real world settings with your students.

We will lay the foundations for  how to use touch effectively and safely (both for the student and for teacher energy and self care)

And this will be a super practical day, exploring and discussing multiple hands on applications in a wide variety of poses. There will also be space for you to bring particular asanas your want to explore outside of what I have planned so that we can ensure everyone leaves feeling like their confidence, knowledge and practical skills have grown by the end of the day.

Whilst we have all benefited from (and will continue to) the opportunity to undertake online study, being in a room with people is very special (and of course for this subject essential!). The community aspect of this is really important to me, and for this reason I will be providing lunch as part of the day so we can really connect and share at lunch time.

Cost – £80 (includes lunch)

**I also have a 1 day CPD day on Teaching Flow/vinyasa yoga on Sun 13th November. There is a £10 discount if booking both events**






Limited spaces


£80 (includes lunch)

Book both The Art of Touch – Assisting and Adjusting for Yoga Teachers (12th November) and Teaching Flow/Vinyasa Yoga (13th November) for £150 and save £10


Yardley Hastings Memorial Hall, Northampton Road, Yardley Hastings, NN7 1EX